Scenic Drives Through Kentucky This Spring

Sun Rising
Spring is a glorious time of year; one that lends itself perfectly to the beauty of a scenic drive through winding country roads. Scenic drives also happen to be one of the best ways to truly get a feel for an area. As you go, the freedom to venture off the trail to enjoy the scenery, services, and heritage of the nearby communities, each of which offers their own slice of southern charm and character, is incomparable. In Kentucky, there are several wonderful scenic drives worth taking. Thankfully, finding lodging along the way couldn't be easier, either, thanks to our convenient property search for Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts and Inns.  Plot out your route through Kentucky's most scenic roads, and make reservations at the nearest Kentucky Bed and Breakfast so we can have a room waiting for you.  Our member Inns are unique varied, each with one thing in common: Unbeatable Southern hospitality. Come stay with us this spring!

Our Favorite Scenic Drives

There's so much to do and see in Kentucky, that it will likely take you several trips to this great state to do it all. Take your time to travel the scenic byways and roads in our great state, and we guarantee you'll open your world in ways previously unimagined.  Kentucky's tourism department has done an exceptional job of outlining the best scenic drives and road trips throughout Kentucky. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Now you see why we keep saying you'll need to come back again and again to truly experience everything Kentucky has to offer.  In addition to the above, each local area features several additional trails, tours, and byways worth exploring.  Your lodging host is an excellent source of information while in Kentucky.  To find one, search through our member properties today, and then book your next adventure in Kentucky.