National Corvette Museum in Kentucky

Are you a fan of sports cars? Do you like watching racing of any kind throughout the world? Or do you just like to see what the best cars in the world look like up close? Here in Kentucky, you can visit the National Corvette Museum, which delves into the history of the automobile and racing as a whole.

The museum has a lot of hands-on activities for you and your family to experience. On top of that, you aren't just looking at still exhibits, but you can see what goes into making the Corvette so powerful. You can even have your own Andy Pilgrim moment on the Corvette Museum track across the street. 

Corvette Museum Hours and Pricing

The National Corvette Museum is open from 8am-5pm (except major holidays).

Museum Pricing
$15 Adults (13-61)
$13 Seniors (62 +)
$10 Youth (5-12)

Racetrack Pricing
$1,300 - The Andy Pilgrim Driving Experience
$799 - The Corvette Experience
$299-399 - Corvette Touring Laps
$99 - Drive Your Own Car on the race track
$20-150 - Karting Races

Corvette Car Exhibits

The Corvette Museum was built to be a hands-on experience. Since it opened in 1994, the museum has been restructured to incorporate innovative technology into the visiting experience. Many of the exhibits aren't static, but involve some sort of interaction between the tourist and the tech.

You may not know much about cars walking in, but you'll come out with more information than you ever thought you would know. Plus, it's just a fun experience all the way through!

History Exhibits
When you first walk in, you'll learn the history of the Corvette brand. You'll see the first attempts that were made to make the fastest vehicle in the world. You'll learn about the creators, and see how Corvettes have changed over the years.

While it can be a lot of fun to self-guide yourself through the exhibits, it's probably better to have a guide. You can be led along by an automobile expert. Since COVID-19, in-person guided tours are temporarily unavailable. As an alternative, you can download an audio tour onto your device to play for your group.

Corvette Museum Sinkhole
In 2014, a sinkhole formed underneath part of the Corvette Museum. It engulfed a decent chunk of the attraction, destroying eight corvettes in the course of the natural disaster. Since the hole has been filled, the museum has dedicated a full exhibit to the sinkhole. Learn about it here!

Corvette Simulation
For a hands-on experience, feel free to hop into the Corvette simulation. We try to approximate what it would be like to step behind the wheel for a supercar driving experience.

NCM Motorsports Park

Few things compare to an exotic car driving experience. If you want an Xtreme Xperience, head over to the track just across the street from the museum. The NCM track allows you to ride in a few different ways.

You can drive on the race track in a sports car that you choose! Whether you choose to have the full Andy Pilgrim driving experience, the corvette experience, or just take some laps, it is an amazing experience that gets your adrenaline pumping. If you pay the full $1300, you can spend time riding the raceway and meet the famous racer himself.

Can't afford the supercar itself? You can still take a few laps on the actual track with your own car for a reduced price. Your engine might not roar as loud, but you'll still get premium treatment.

Another option that can be a lot of fun is go-karting. This is not only perfect for adults just looking to compete, but it works for younger teenagers and children as well!

Come to the National Corvette Museum, and you'll have a heart-pounding, thrilling time. Race on over here and get in line for a premium experience.

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