Kentucky's Great American Dollhouse Museum

two visitors marvel at a display inKentucky's Great American Dollhouse MuseumThey say it's the little things in life that matter most and the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Kentucky may be just the place to prove that point with over 200 dollhouses, miniature buildings, and room boxes in its astounding and fascinating miniatures collection. When one hears the term "dollhouse" the most immediate reaction is to picture a little girl or two at play with one but dollhouses and miniatures are not necessarily just for girls or children and Kentucky's amazing Great American Dollhouse Museum goes a long way towards showcasing another, less considered but far more accessible side to the hobby. Don't get us wrong, if you happen to have a little girl in tow when you visit this museum, rest assured she'll have a great time - but you're likely to be just as entertained as she is because the Great American Dollhouse Museum is so much more than just a collection of someone else's toys. With a level of care and attention to detail that proves endlessly fascinating, the Great American Dollhouse Museum presents not just dollhouses but various cross sections of American social history entirely in miniature. At the Great American Dollhouse Museum you will see a timeline of US history from Native American peoples up through to modern times without skipping an era. Another massive display presents the viewer with Copper Hollow: a fictional, Kentucky-esque town from the early 1900's complete with business and factory districts, mansions, humbler homes, and a Shaker village on the outskirts - all furnished in remarkable detail and populated with tiny people at work and play. Another, expansive display is more whimsical, depicting a fantasy forest peopled with elves, dwarves, witches, wizards, faeries, and containing a dragon's cave. The Great American Dollhouse Museum began with creator and curator Lori Kagan-Moore's personal fascination with and collection of dollhouse miniatures. She is not alone in her hobby as the museum's success - and its shop of miniatures for sale - demonstrates. The Great American Dollhouse Museum's miniatures shop is unique in today's era in that it offers no online sales yet stocks a wide range of miniature items, many of which are rare or even custom made. So, dollhouse enthusiast or not, Kentucky's Great American Dollhouse Museum is well worth a visit.

The Great American Dollhouse Museum

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