Horses Are the Heart of Kentucky

It is impossible to talk for any length about the many wonderful activities to do and attractions to see in Kentucky without talking about horses.  In Kentucky, they are a defining feature of the state's culture; they are the reason for the unbridled spirit that is apparent in every facet of Kentucky's personality.  To put it simply, horses are the heart of Kentucky.  One visit to Kentucky's horse country, and you'll understand that the love for these majestic animals runs deep and true. Book your room at any one of our incredible Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts today, and discover where Kentucky's unbridled sense of adventure began.

Meet Kentucky's Horses

Kentucky is synonymous with horses, and that means there are a variety of places throughout the state that will let you saddle up and enjoy an experience on the backs of these majestic animals.  Whether you crave the excitement of watching horses thunder down the race track at Churchill Downs itself, or whether you seek the solitude of horseback riding through ruggedly beautiful terrain, Kentucky offers a little bit of something for everyone.

Horse Parks and Farms

You don't need to own your own horses in Kentucky to enjoy them.  Kentucky is known around the world not only for its Thoroughbred racing stock, but for its horse farms and horse parks as well.  If there was one horse experience to choose, it would be a visit to The Kentucky Horse Park.  Admission into the Kentucky Horse Park includes entrance into the world-renowned International Museum of the Horse, the American Saddlebred Museum, as well as the beautiful grounds. During the spring, there are also guided trail rides, horse-drawn trolley tours, horse farm tours, and more. The Kentucky Horse Park is home to more than 40 different breeds of horses, and is a wonderful glimpse into Kentucky's world of horses. Although thoroughbred Kentucky horse parks and horse farms are the most common throughout Kentucky, the American saddlebred is the only breed of horse indigenous to Kentucky.  Tour a Saddlebred horse farm in Shelbyville, which is considered to be the Saddlebred Capital of the world, and see first hand why these animals have become Kentucky's premiere show horse. There is perhaps no better way to explore the natural and scenic beauty of Kentucky than on horseback.  Taking a guided horseback ride in Kentucky is easy, and will get you closer to Kentucky's horses than you ever dreamed. For example, you can head into the forested ridges of the Daniel Boone National Forest on horseback, or enjoy a guided ride through the Shelby Trails Park in Simpsonville, Kentucky.  No matter where you go, a short ride on the backs of Kentucky's most famous residents will a memorable experience for all.

Horse Racing

No trip to Kentucky Horse Country would be complete without exploring the world of horse racing.  The first stop on most people's list is, of course, the home of the world famous Kentucky Derby, Louisville’s Churchill Downs. Tickets to the 2016 Derby aren't quite yet sold out, so if you act fast you may still be able to participate in this years Run for the Roses.  If you miss your chance this year, you can still immerse yourself in the culture of the Derby at the Kentucky Derby Museum, where you'll find a remarkable collection of women's hats worn during the Derby.  Admission into the museum includes a tour of the race track itself, where you can all but hear the thundering beat of horse hooves coming down the track towards you. Another must-see destination for race lovers is the historic Keeneland Race Track, an important part of Kentucky's Thoroughbred racing and breeding program.  Here, you may be lucky enough to watch early morning workouts and mingle with mangers, trainers, jockeys and grooms.  At the end of your trip, don't miss a stop at Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm, where you'll find Kentucky's retired Thoroughbred racers.  It's a living history museum of Kentucky's finest animals told through the eyes of the majestic beauties themselves. There is a reason Kentucky's history is so intertwined with the lives of these four-legged animals.  Come see Kentucky's horse country this spring, and experience the unbridled sense of adventure for yourself.  Whether you prefer to stay in a cozy bed and breakfast, a charming countryside cottage, or a century-old historic inn, there is a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast waiting for you. Find what speaks to you, and book your room at one of Kentucky’s finest Bed and Breakfasts today.