Your Guide to Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington

Lexington is the capital of horse racing. The Kentucky Horse Park is just one of the examples found in the city of this important and interesting equestrian legacy. Learn everything about the sport, how it began, who the best racers and steeds are in the game, and even get on a horse yourself.

In this guide, we'll show you everything that there is to see and do at this wonderful place.

International Museum of the Horse
The history of horse riding and racing is something to behold, and at this Smithsonian affiliated museum you'll be able to learn how man has used horses in the distant past, in film, and in modern art.

American Saddlebred Museum
If you're looking for a souvenir, the American Saddlebred Museum offers an extensive gift shop selection, as well as a look into the cultural history of horses in America. It's the best place in the world to learn about the American Saddlebred horse.

Arabian Horse Galleries
As the de facto child-friendly museum, the Arabian Horse section teaches youngsters about the different species of horse that thrive throughout the world, and has videos and interactive exhibits to keep them engaged.

Hall of Champions
This is the place to learn about recent horse racing history. Walk through the barns and meet several elite champion horses who have won plenty of races in their day. It's a family-friendly activity, and children love it.

So are you just going to read about horses, or are you wanting to ride one?

Reservations and Pricing
The horseback riding trail is probably the highlight of the park, and placing your reservations should be the first thing you do upon park entry if it's a high priority attraction. You buy tickets at the visitor center.
Each ride is $30 per group, and you get 35 minutes on the trail. Since there are only three ride times available, they fill up quickly.

Guests may not ride the horses here if...
  • They weigh more than 240 pounds
  • They are shorter than 48"
  • They are younger than 7

Pony Rides
Do you have young kids who aren't quite big enough to hop on a saddle? The pony rides are available for them for a cheap $6 per ride.

Big Barn
The Big Barn exploration allows you to see how riders get their horses ready for showtime. The 15-minute demonstration will show off the equipment, rider rituals, and more. Carriage rides can be scheduled at the Big Barn for a special day with your loved one.

Parade of Breeds
The Parade of Breeds is a daily event that will bring you to the Breed Barn and its track. You'll see one of the largest varieties of horse species all in one place! You can snap pictures, ask questions of the riders, and take a look at the horses getting groomed, trained, and bathed. It's a more casual demonstration that's worth a watch.

The Kentucky Horse Park has been known to host a wide variety of events for country-lovin' horse racing people. We recommend you check their event calendar for holiday events and Bluegrass Festival concerts for specifics on events that happen throughout the year.

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