Explore the Diverse Regions of Kentucky

Are you an adventurous soul looking for something new and exciting?  Then you need to come to the unbridled state of Kentucky, where adventure is our way of life.  In fact, as you'll soon discover, Kentucky is comprised of many diverse regions, each a gateway to their own unique adventure.  A visit to this state will be a journey you won't soon forget. From the Western water lands to the rugged terrain of Daniel Boone country in the east, Kentucky is a unique and fascinating state to explore.  As you traverse the state from east to west and north to south, discover the individual personalities of Kentucky's finest Bed and Breakfasts along the way.  Whether you’re looking for a cozy bed and breakfast, a charming countryside cottage, or a century-old historic inn, the finest in Southern hospitality is waiting for you at our Member lodging properties. Your journey is waiting; find an Inn that speaks to you, and get started on your unbridled adventure across Kentucky.

A Guide to Kentucky's Regions

Whether you're interested in horses and bourbon, descending underground into Kentucky's caves, history, music, or just plain, unbound outdoor adventure, there's something for everyone in Kentucky's distinct regions.  We can break Kentucky down into 4 general regions:  Western, North Central, South Central, and Eastern.  You'll soon find out that even within these 4 main regions, there are distinct personalities and fascinating adventures to behold.

Western Kentucky

If you're looking for timeless Bluegrass traditions, great BBQ, and endless waterways, Western Kentucky is for you. Just a few of the wonderful things you'll find here include:

North Central Kentucky

Horse country. North Central Kentucky is perhaps one of the most popular travel destinations, as horse lovers descend upon the state. But, there are more than just horses here. Among these gently rolling hills, you'll find the following wonderful attractions:

Meanwhile,  Bourbon lovers will enjoy traveling down the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, tasting and sampling their way through 9 Bourbon distilleries, all within 100 miles of each other, and history lovers will enjoy the scenic beauty of the river towns in the North.
South Central Kentucky

Best known for its many lakes, South Central Kentucky is a spectacular place for water-born adventures and underground caving.  This is the home of Mammoth Cave National Park, Hidden River Cave, the Lost River Cave, and more.  Speaking of caves, don't miss the National Corvette Museum's newest Corvette Cave-In exhibit, which highlights the 2014 sinkhole that swallowed eight Corvettes. South Central Kentucky is also a great place for zip lining, rappelling, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, and floating down the hundreds of miles of water trails, in places like the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. Enjoy endless water activities like water skiing, houseboating, fising, and canoeing on Dale Hollow Lake, Green River Lake, Lake Cumberland.

Eastern Kentucky

Finally, there's Eastern Kentucky, where outdoor adventure reigns supreme.  Here, you'll find the stunning Appalachian Mountains, acres upon acres of national parks, and endless miles of hiking trails to explore.  A few highlights of this incredible region include:

You can read more about these fascinating regions and all of the wonderful things to do in this diverse state at the Kentucky Department of Travel's website. Once you've mapped out where your journey will take you, our search function will help you find the best Bed and Breakfast for your individual style and needs.  We look forward to celebrating Kentucky's unique heritage and culture with you.