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Launched in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day April 22, 2010, BBAK’s Green Lodging Certification Program(GLCP)  is a joint initiative of the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (KDEP) that reviews, designates and recognizes lodging facilities that make a commitment to conserve and protect Kentucky’s natural resources. The program’s environmental guidelines allow lodging facilities to evaluate their operations, set goals and take specific actions to continuously improve environmental performance.


How does a B&B achieve Green Lodging designation?

To become designated, B&Bs must apply to the program and choose to implement a specified number of environmental practices.

What are the benefits?

Designated facilities are featured on the BBAK Web site and Print Directory.

Designees are granted exclusive use of the Green Lodging logo and green marketing tool kit. The kit features templates, logos and design files to create guest room signage and displays for guest areas.

B&Bs receive an official BBAK’s Green Lodging certificate signifying their environmental achievement and commitment to protecting Kentucky’s natural resources.

Management and staff have “24/7” Web access to Best Practices, Technical Assistance and green resources that can help lower power, water and waste bills and help reduce operational costs in many areas.

How do B&Bs get started?

As a start, B&Bs should review GLCP requirements online to help identify operations that need environmental improvement. Once identified, B&Bs can begin the Designation Application.

Designation Application

The Designation Application is a comprehensive evaluation tool that details BBAK’s GLCP requirements and provides Best Management Practices and Technical Assistance to help B&Bs achieve designation. B&Bs conduct a thorough property assessment and implement a specified number of environmental practices in 7 areas of sustainable operations:

I. Communication and Education (Customers, Employees, & Public)

II. Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling

III. Water Conservation

IV. Energy Efficiency

V. Indoor Air Quality

VI. Hazardous Substances

VII. Environmentally-Sensitive Purchasing

An application is completed and submitted, along with required documentation, to BBAK’s GLCP Committee. BBAK’s Green Team evaluates each facility’s application and documentation, and notifies B&B of their designation status, based on 3 Levels of Green Lodging Achievement.

How long is a B&B considered designated?

BBAK’s Green Lodging designation is valid for three years from the date of issuance with the requirement that B&Bs submit environmental performance data (water, waste, energy) annually.

To ensure that B&Bs maintain designation standards, BBAK’s GLCP conducts onsite assessments via routine BBAK Quality Standards Evaluations and monitors feedback provided by guest comments and responses.

Is it possible to transition to higher levels of achievement within 3 years?

Yes, the participating member may transition to a higher level of achievement at any time.  Appropriate supporting documentation and approval will be required for the higher level icon may be used. An onsite evaluation will be based on the level of achievement at that time of the B&B’s regularly scheduled Quality Standards Evaluation.

How does a B&B renew designation?

Designation is renewed every three years.

To renew:

  • Participating B&Bs must submit a GLCP Status Report and provide environmental performance data (water, waste, energy) for each year.
  • B&Bs are also required to have their property reviewed at the designated level of achievement for Green Lodging at their regularly scheduled BBAK Quality Standards Evaluation.

Can a property be removed from the program?

BBAK’s GLCP is a voluntary initiative. It is the responsibility of designated B&B to meet and maintain program requirements. To monitor compliance, BBAK’s GLCP conducts B&B assessments on a regular basis and solicits feedback from guest comments through BBAK’s Green Lodging survey. If deficiencies are noted, BBAK’s GLCP offers assistance to correct them. Consistent failure to correct deficiencies will result in removal from the program. If a lodging facility is unable or unwilling to maintain program requirements, it will be removed from the Website and no longer identified with BBAK’s GLCP through name or use of BBAK’s Green Lodging logo.

BBAK GLCP Committee:

Todd Allen, Co-Chair:

Steve Stenbro, Co-Chair:

Herb Warren:

Steve Porter:

Marsha Burton:

Brenda Guidugli:

Rosalie Swann:

Nancy Swartzel:

Michael Collins:

David & Sharon Dahle,

Supporting Documents:

Participant's Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

3 Levels of Green Lodging Achievement

Single Leaf/Entry Level Application

Double Leaf Application

Triple Leaf Application

Green Lodging Logo Marketing Guidelines & Standards 

Letter of Support from KY Dept. of Environmental Protection

Green Lodging Press Release

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