Your Guide to the Ark Encounter

Welcome to Noah's Ark! The oft-told Bible story of Noah building the vessel, finding animals, and surviving a devastating flood has never felt more real than at Ark Encounter. You'll be able to walk through the massive ship, wander the beautiful gardens, explore the zoo's animals, and so much more.

Even if you're not religious, a trip to Ark Encounter can be an interesting experience where you can learn the beliefs of people who are Christian, and there's also non-religious things to do on-site. Here's what you can expect at the park.

General Info

Walk around the vessel and see what the ship may have looked like. You can't miss the ark as you walk through the park, as it stands 51 feet high, 510 feet long, and 85 feet wide. Talk about the perfect selfie background!

The interior of the ark is designed as an Old Testament (and sometimes New Testament) museum, and you'll have a chance to read Noah's Bible story inside. You'll see artifacts from ancient times inside, learn how Noah might have taken care of so many animals, and how the flood affected the Earth. It's great for kids and adults alike!

Note that the Creation Museum is about a 40-minute drive north from the Ark Encounter. If you're planning on visiting both, it's incredibly easy to do. A combination ticket for both the ark and the creation museum costs $95 per adult not counting parking.

For the Ark Encounter:
Adult (18-59): $59.95
Senior (60+): $49.95
Youth (11-17): $29.95
Children (10 and younger): FREE

For the Ark Encounter + Creation Museum Combo Pass:
Adult (18-59): $94.95
Senior (60+): $84.95
Youth (11-17): $54.95
Children (10 and younger): FREE

Meet animals from all around the planet at the Ararat Ridge Zoo! You'll meet everything from the African Spurred Tortoise to the Emu to a Ring-Tailed Lemur. You're able to interact up close and personal with some of the more social animals like the camel, pigs, and kangaroos. The petting zoo and camel rides are available for the youngest guests.
When you bought tickets to the Noah's Ark Encounter, we bet you didn't think you'd be soaring through the air. At Screaming Eagle Adventures, you won't only get to see the ark from ground level, but from high above too! The zipline course is a ton of fun, but there are also aerial courses and free falls as well. 
One convenient thing about spending a day at the Ark Encounter park is the presence of several food options so you don't ever need to leave the grounds. Here are the restaurant options:

  • Emzara's Kitchen: The Buffet with a variety of food for everyone
  • The Village Smokehouse: Pulled pork sandwiches and Smoked pit beef sandwiches
  • Southwest Grill: Street tacos
  • Zofar's: Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, etc.

Take a look at the events calendar, because something special is always happening at the Ark Encounter. Whether there be choirs of young people singing praises to God, country music singalongs, or inspirational speeches to motivate you in life, the Ark Encounter is a great place to come together with others to celebrate the world we have.

The Ark Encounter is closer to the northern end of Kentucky. As such, we recommend you take a look at the bed and breakfasts around Covington KY and the area north of Lexington if you want a convenient place to stay near the park. Check our our listings by city for more details.

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