Your Guide to  Central Kentucky National Parks

While there might not be a large metro area in central Kentucky, that doesn't mean there aren't fun things to see and do. Two of Kentucky's prominent national parks lie in the Bowling Green, Cave City, and Elizabethtown area.

We want you to have the best vacation possible when you come to Kentucky, no matter where. Our guide below will help you learn about the different ways you can experience both Mammoth Cave National Park and Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park. Let's get to it.

Mammoth Cave National Park

As the name would imply, Mammoth Cave is one of the largest subterranean networks in the world (and sadly, not the place you can see the Ice Age elephants). Even still, there are many ways you can explore the complex caverns below, as there are dozens of tours that will allow you to explore the deep alongside expert guides.

Each tour costs a different price depending on what you're going to see, how long you're down there, and how complicated the trails are. We'd like to review some of the fan favorite expeditions to give you an idea of what you might like.


Historic Tour
Discover the ancient history that created the caverns of Mammoth Cave. You'll learn about how the rock formations were created, who founded and owned Mammoth Cave, and why it's significant to the country. For an extra price there is an extended version of the tour.

Domes and Dripstones
Walk through many different natural landmarks. The Frozen Niagara, the sinkhole, and other beautiful natural features will decorate your vision on this exciting walk-through.

Wild Cave Tour
Do you have a wild spirit? Want to see the Mammoth Cave in a way you didn't think possible? The Wild Cave Tour is the longest and most difficult tour of the cave system, and will guide you over, under, and through solid rock. Come see the beautiful scenery and do what you thought was impossible.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

Come and see where the legendary President of the United States was born. Abraham Lincoln's birthplace offers an extensive look at the family cabin, has a few nature trails to walk, and several sites for peeking into the 19th century lifestyle.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace is totally free, and there's nothing on-site that costs money (other than souvenirs).

Major Attractions

Abraham Lincoln Cabin
Walk up the sacred steps to the birthplace unit that houses the cabin. While you won't be able to look inside, you'll get a feel for the modest upbringing of Abraham Lincoln from the exterior of the cabin. Afterward, you can walk through a replica of the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln outside, and see a few small cottages his family lived in.

Sinking Spring
The natural spring is located on one of the trails, and will take you down a flight of stairs. It's pretty neat to see the springs and get some good pictures.

Boundary Oak Trail
Want to take a stroll with the little ones? Boundary Oak Trail is an easy trail with a lot to look at from a nature perspective. You can just imagine Abe Lincoln's family growing up in this wonderful place.

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Explore Mammoth Cave National Park

For those with more a sprig of adventure in their step, come explore Mammoth Cave National Park! Rock formations, cave fauna, and other surprises await you in this rocky highlight.