The Best Train Rides in Kentucky

Why spend all the time driving and hiking around Kentucky when you can just sit back and leisurely watch the lush scenery pass you by? The best way to experience the lovely rolling hills and scenery of Kentucky is by hitching a ride on a scenic train. It's quick, elegant, and fun!

Several different railroads are dotted around our state, so there's a train you can ride no matter where you plan to stay! Take a look at the various train options and plan your perfect night on the tracks.

Address: 136 S Main St, New Haven, KY

All abooooooard! The Kentucky Railway Museum offers a peek into the history of the American railroad system. With normal and themed rides, you can guarantee that your train experience will make you and your family happy!

Do you have very little kids train-ing with you today? Book a day with Thomas the Train! Want a formal anniversary dinner with the gorgeous natural background lighting up your night? Hop in a dining cart. Who knows, maybe a gang of robbers with stop your train! Anything can happen at the Railway Museum!

Prices range from $21 - $75 depending on the train experience. Book today!

Address: 175 Beasley Rd, Versailles, KY

Train rides are open every Saturday from 11AM - 2PM, and the rotating attractions throughout the year make the adventure all the more interesting no matter how many times you ride it! You'll find holiday trains for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

However, some of our favorite experiences on this railroad relate to the history of America. You can ride the Civil War Train or World War II Train for a commemoration of the soldiers who fought in these wars. You'll see real demonstrations of cannons being shot, clothing and uniforms from various soldiers during the war, and so much more.

Address: 66 Henderson St, Stearns, KY

Far away from most of the metro areas in Kentucky, Big South Fork Scenic Railway offers a down-to-earth train ride through the forests of the south, and while summer is a popular time for visitors, the autumn Appalachians are truly a sight to behold.

The tour will even take you to a famous coal mine—an industry for which Kentucky is well-known. If you want the ride to be more than just scenery and snacks, the murder mystery dinner train is one worth venturing on.

Address: 401 Kentucky St, Bowling Green, KY

Perfect if you need a break from Mammoth Cave National Park, the Historic RailPark and Train Museum will give you a ride through southern Kentucky that's worth snapping a few pictures on!

While normal rides through the wilds are common and available to guests, some of the interesting rides include the Lady of the Garden Tour, a ride through Bowling Green history covering Ruth Rabold, a figurehead of the town's culture. The Duncan Hines Tour is a sweet ride covering the life of the man who mastered cake mix.

When you visit the south, you don't just want an average stay at a hotel you can find anywhere, but you want the full-fledged southern experience. What's a better way to experience southern hospitality than staying at one of the many bed and breakfasts surrounding the Bluegrass State. Take a look at our many accommodations and see if any of the hotels near the train stations can squeeze you in. 
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