Winter Wildlife Viewing in Kentucky

Bald Eagle water
Though there are plenty of fantastic indoor attractions across the state of Kentucky where you're guaranteed to stay warm and dry, there's really no reason to avoid the outdoors this winter. The colder winter weather isn't a deterrent for most when it comes to getting outside in Kentucky. It just so happens that tapping into your adventurous spirit is an easy task in the beautiful state of Kentucky, no matter the time of year. In fact, when the winter months arrive in Kentucky, opportunities for wildlife viewing grow, and include things like organized trips to experience elk, bald eagles, sandhill cranes, and many other types of wildlife in their natural winter habitats. Kentucky is a great place to visit, even in the winter! And, to make your trip even better, at the end of your adventurous day, one of our magnificent member Bed and Breakfasts will be waiting to provide you a warm and cozy respite from the cold. Find an Inn, and book your stay with them today!

Top Wildlife Viewing Destinations in Kentucky

The quiet winter months are perfect for wildlife viewing across the state of Kentucky. Many of the State Parks have organized wildlife tours that make it easy to get outside and be adventurous.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy Kentucky's various inhabitants in their natural habitats.

If you'd rather spend a quiet day in nature yourself this winter, birdwatchers have a chance to catch a glimpse of woodpeckers, geese, ducks, loons, hawks and other species that become more visible after trees lose their leaves. Kentucky's wildlife management areas, such as Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, are prime land for birdwatching. When you've had your fill of adventure for the day, we have the perfect place in mind for you to relax; any one of our member Bed and Breakfasts.  Each Inn in our network is unique in its accommodations, but all of them offer the incredible hospitality you'd expect from the Bluegrass State.  Find a Bed and Breakfast that suits your needs, and book your stay today!