Warm Up on the Urban Bourbon Trail of Kentucky

Bourbon Country is arguably one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Kentucky.  Towns encompassed in this region include Bardstown, Frankfort, Lebanon, Lexington, Owensboro, and Louisville, among others.  Kentucky Bourbon is considered to be the original American spirit. Whether you'd like to tour one of the many local distilleries, sample some of Kentucky's finest spirits, or dive deep into the history of this spirited drink, a tour through Bourbon Country should be at the top of your itinerary when you visit Kentucky. One great way to sample a variety of bourbons in a small space is to follow the Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville. To complement your trip, we recommend settling into the finest hospitality Kentucky has to offer by staying at any of our Bed and Breakfasts.  Find a nearby Bed and Breakfast from our member list, and book your trip today!

The Urban Bourbon Trail in Kentucky

Bourbon is an American Whiskey produced under a specific set of guidelines, and predominantly made in southern Kentucky. This fine spirit had it's start in the 1700s, with the first settlers of Kentucky.  In those days, difficult-to-transport crops were instead turned into much easier-to-move whiskies. It just so happened that these early byproducts also offered Kentuckians a welcome respite from laborious frontier life! From that point forward, the popularity of Kentucky's delicious Bourbons has never waned. Now it's your turn to try this warming spirit.
The Urban Bourbon Trail is located in downtown Louisville, and boasts "the worlds best bourbon bars."  In total, the bars along the Urban Bourbon Trail serve at least 50 different kinds of Bourbon and in some place as many as 150 varieties.  You could spend the rest of your life tasting Kentucky Bourbons, which doesn't sound too bad to us! You're also in for some tasty treats along the Urban Bourbon Trail, as many of the bars and restaurants serve foods that have been infused with the flavor of Bourbon.  Maybe you want to have some mint julep pancakes for breakfast, or some bourbon barrel smoked salmon? Plenty awaits you on this incredible trail in Louisville.  All you have to do is get here! If you're looking to expand your adventure into more of Bourbon Country, then you'll want to take a look at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Today, there are over 20 working distilleries in Kentucky, many of which offer public tours and delicious tastings of their fine spirits. Each distillery offers something different, as they all work with their own specific mash bills (recipes), yeast strains, and levels of barrel char and age. For a trip truly reflective of the great state of Kentucky, you'll want to stay at one of our spectacular Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts near Bourbon Country.  Our member Inns offer spectacular accommodations, unbeatable hospitality, and an extensive knowledge about our great state. Find the Inn that best suits your needs, and book your room with us today!