Top Historic Attractions in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is teeming with history around every corner.  Historic attractions include gems like Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace, Civil War Forts and Battlefields, and the Legendary Trail of Tears.  Dig a little deeper in the history of Kentucky, and you'll find Appalachian Festivals, Coal Field Culture, extraordinary trail towns, and a variety of interesting monuments and museums along the way.  There is no way to see the many historic attractions Kentucky has to offer in one trip, but it's a new year.  Why not get started now?  Stay at one of our member Bed and Breakfasts this year, and start exploring the incredible tapestry of history woven into daily life in beautiful Kentucky.

Historic Attractions

Whether you're a Civil War buff out to discover more battlefields and relive this extraordinary piece of our history, or whether you just just generally appreciate deep connections to the past, you'll enjoy discovering the many great historic attractions in Kentucky.  To help you get started on your incredible adventure in Kentucky, here is a list of 10 interesting historic attractions in the state: There are also a number of incredible museums and monuments worth visiting in the state of Kentucky, each of which showcases a unique facet of Kentucky's fascinating history.  If you're short on time, we recommend visiting the following museums to make the most out of your trip: Start off your new year exploring some of these top historic attractions, and discover the fascinating culture that makes Kentucky such a beloved part of America.  Our member Bed and Breakfast offer you the perfect place to relax after a day of adventure.  Each Inn in our network is unique in its accommodations, but all of them offer the incredible hospitality you'd expect from the Bluegrass State.  Find a room, and start planning your adventure today.