This Spring, Tour a Kentucky Horse Farm

Everyone knows, or at least should know, that horses are at the very center of life in Kentucky.  Sure, modern times have moved society along and advanced with technology.  But there will always be a special connection to horses in the hearts and minds of Kentuckians.  Horses are, after all, a defining feature of the state's culture; they are the muse behind the unbridled, adventurous undercurrent that runs through Kentucky.  One visit to a Kentucky horse farm, and you'll understand that the love for these majestic animals runs deep and true. Come visit us at any one of our Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts this spring, and experience Kentucky's horse country for yourself.  

Visit to a Horse Farm

You don't need to own your own horses in Kentucky to enjoy them.  There are about 450 horse farms in the region, with about 150 of them in Lexington/Fayette County alone. They're all working farms- which means you should never just "drop by." Many, however, allow visitors by appointment or with tour groups.  Guided tours are by far the easiest way to enjoy your time in horse country.  There are many great tour companies, but 4 of them stand out above the rest:  Blue Grass Tours, Horse Farm Tours Inc., Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours, and Unique Horse Farm Tours.  Some of these companies even offer customizable tours, so you're sure to see exactly what you want.  If you'd rather go at it alone, there are a number or horse farms listed on Lexington's Travel page.  Just make sure you make arrangements in advance, and plan for plenty of time at and between each destination.
If you just can't get enough of Kentucky's beautiful horses, here are a few other must-see horse attractions in the area:

  • The Kentucky Horse Park is a one-stop horse attraction. It includes entrance into the world-renowned International Museum of the Horse, the American Saddlebred Museum, as well as the beautiful grounds. During the spring, there are also guided trail rides, horse-drawn trolley tours, horse farm tours, and more. The Kentucky Horse Park is home to more than 40 different breeds of horses, and is a wonderful glimpse into Kentucky's world of horses.
  • Churchill Downs, home of the famed Kentucky Derby, which happens in May.
  • Historic Keeneland Race Track, an important part of Kentucky's Thoroughbred racing and breeding program.
  • Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm, where you'll find Kentucky's retired Thoroughbred racers. It's a living history museum of Kentucky's finest animals told through the eyes of the majestic beauties themselves.

There is a reason Kentucky's history is so intertwined with the lives of these four-legged animals.  Come visit a horse farm this spring, and experience these majestic animals for yourself.  Whether you prefer to stay in a cozy bed and breakfast, a charming countryside cottage, or a century-old historic inn, there is a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast waiting for you. Find your favorite Inn, and book your room at one of Kentucky's finest Bed and Breakfasts today.