The Kentucky Simpsons Connection

The popular, animated, FOX television show, The Simpsons, has long had a running joke regarding what state its main characters live in. There are a number of contenders, from Oregon to Florida - but our favorite contender is a lot closer to home. Is there a Kentucky Simpsons connection? You may well wonder why we ask: the town of Springfield, home to Homer, Bart, and friends, is vague enough in culture to be Anytown, USA - but there's some compelling evidence that pushes Kentucky closer to the finish line than many other states: First, there is a city in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky called Springfield - the same name as the town the Simpsons live in. The lack of an "Evergreen Terrace" in Kentucky's Springfield - the name of the street the Simpsons live on - throws a bit of a monkey wrench into the Kentucky Simpsons Connection, but bear with me. The Simpsons' hometown of Springfield frequently finds itself at odds with the neighboring town of Shelbyville. Well, guess what? Kentucky also has a Shelbyville. It's part of Shelby County “The American Saddlebred Capital of the World." While our Shelbyville is located in Kentucky's Derby Region, it's less than 45 miles from Kentucky's Springfield - close enough to be that rival town! And here's where things get really weird. Less than 8 miles from Shelbyville and just over 50 miles from Springfield, resides the Kentucky city of ... Simpsonville. No, we're not making this up. Simpsonville is also in Kentucky's Derby Region and, just in case you think it was renamed to connect itself with the longest running animated show in television history, Simpsonville was incorporated in 1836, some 153 years the first Simpsons episode even aired. There are other Kentucky Simpsons connections, too. Episodes where the Simpsons have been described as a "northern Kentucky family;" references to the state south of the one they're in as Tennessee; both the show and Kentucky having a Red River Gorge (the Kentucky one is only 125 miles from our Spingfield, by the way); the state capital in The Simpsons is referred to as "Capital City," while an airport in Kentucky's state capital of Frankfort is called "Capital City Airport." Just a bunch of coincidences? Of course, there is just as much evidence, if not more, to suggest that the Kentucky Simpsons connection is mere chance, or even intentional tomfoolery on the part of the show's creators. A gambit, perhaps, to keep those who care about this sort of thing completely discombobulated. After all, very few of our lovely state's residents are tinted a bright shade of yellow, with only three fingers per hand. Further, while The Simpsons can be fun to visit upon occasion, very few rational people would want to live or vacation in their world - while Kentucky is a great place to live and vacation in year 'round! In the end, it's possible we may never know where The Simpsons "really live" - but haven't lived until you've visited Kentucky and, when you do, be sure to stay in one of the many, conveniently located, locally owned and operated Kentucky Bed & Breakfast Inns.