The Charming World of Lexington, Kentucky

We're just a few short weeks away from the annual running of the Kentucky Derby, one of the largest events in the entire state. Given horses are a central tenet to life in central Kentucky, we figured it was a good time to take an in depth look into the charming world of Lexington, Kentucky.  The Kentucky Derby is certainly a "must-see" event at some point in your lifetime, and we encourage you to read our recent blog about the Kentucky Derby and other horse-centric activities to do in the immediate vicinity of Lexington.  In the meantime, we'd like to focus on some of the other exciting and wonderful attractions in the area.  There are a number of our member Bed and Breakfast in Lexington and the surrounding areas as well, which makes it the perfect place to spend a relaxing getaway in the heart of Kentucky's bluegrass region.  Search through our beautiful member properties directly by city or region, and then directly with them.

Attractions in Lexington, Kentucky

When someone talk about Lexington, Kentucky, the first image that pops into most peoples minds is horses; the Kentucky Derby to be exact.  It is, after all, the horse capital of the world; home to legendary thoroughbred race horses and the American Saddlebred. And though the horse world is an integral part of this area, it's not the only thing. Lexington, for starters, is extraordinarily beautiful.  Around every bend you'll find rolling green hills, white fences, beautiful farms, and pasturelands that stretch on seemingly forever.  The region was even named one of the "50 Best Places of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Travelers.  Beyond that, you can except to find quaint Southern Charm, delicious bourbon cocktails and foods infused with that same flavor, civil war history, and a quirky arts scene that rivals most.  Without further introduction, here are a few of our favorite things to do in the beautiful town of Lexington:

  • Find Big Lex, the blue horse. That's right, a blue horse. There are quite a few tall tales around Kentucky about blue horses. Legend has it that "Big Lex" turned blue from all of the delicious bluegrass he consumed. Keep your eyes peeled during your adventures in Lexington.
  • Visit the Kentucky Horse Park. We can't talk about Lexington without mentioning this incredible facility; the perfect stop for any horse enthusiast. Stop in for a little more horse-themed fun at Keeneland Race Track or Churchill Downs itself.
  • There are 4 historic homes in the area worth visiting. They are the homes of Mary Todd Lincoln, Henry Clay, John Hunt Morgan and Joseph Bryan, a grand-nephew of Daniel Boone.
  • The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is the largest restored Shaker village in the world. It has 34 original buildings.
  • Sample some Kentucky Bourbon. The top distilleries in the area are The Woodford Reserve Distillery, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Town Branch Distillery and Wild Turkey.
  • Take a scenic drive through Bluegrass country.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth and take a tour of Old Kentucky Chocolates.
  • Shop for local crafts at the Kentucky Artisan Center in nearby Berea.
  • Take a scenic boat tour through the Kentucky River Palisades, a series of steep, scenic gorges and limestone outcroppings that stretch miles along the Kentucky River.
  • Browse the incredible exhibits at the Headley-Whitney Art Museum.
  • Head to one of the many local breweries or wineries in the area.

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