See the Solar Eclipse at a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast

Everyone around the country right now is talking about the upcoming solar eclipse. The Kentucky Tourism website even has a countdown clock on their homepage, counting down to this incredible experience.  Millions of people are making plans to watch the 2017 total solar eclipse.  It's time you should join them! Why not take this incredible opportunity and turn it into a romantic getaway in beautiful Kentucky?  We can't think of a more romantic memory, and any of our Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts would be thrilled to provide you a home during this time. There are several places around Kentucky that will offer extraordinary viewpoints of the solar eclipse.  There isn't much time left, though.  Find your favorite Bed and Breakfast, and book a stay at any of our member Inns today!

See the Solar Eclipse in Kentucky

On August 21, 2017, people across the United States will excitedly watch as the sun slips behind the moon.  If you've never seen an eclipse before, prepare to be mesmerized.  The skies above Kentucky will go from radiant summer light to twilight in mere seconds, temperatures will drop, and streams of light will silhouette of the moon.  The skies will darken from Oregon to South Carolina in a 70-mile wide "path of totality", which puts Kentucky right in the middle of all of the action. The solar eclipse will be visible from much of Western Kentucky.  Hopkinsville will actually be near the point of "Greatest Eclipse."  If you stay somewhere near that area, you'll see the eclipse for an amazing 2 minutes and 40 seconds.  You'll also witness the exact instant when the axis of the Moon's shadow passes closest to the center of Earth.  In general, the area around the popular Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area and Pennyrile State Forest will offer excellent viewing
of the solar eclipse.  Other towns that will make for excellent viewing locations include Paducah, Marion, Princeton, Cadiz, Franklin, and Bowling Green. Though the eclipse itself will only last for mere minutes, your memories will be forever.  During the remainder of your getaway in Kentucky, these adventurous lands are yours to explore to your hearts content.  Western Kentucky is known for its incredible waterways, whether rivers or lakes.  It's a popular vacation destination for those who love being on the water, where you can fish, ski, sail, tube, kayak, jet ski, drag race, swim and just relax.  You'll also find a mix of interesting attractions, including Kentucky's largest Amish community, historic Paducah and the artisans that call the area home, and plenty of museums and entertainment venues.  Your lodging host will be able to help you plan a full itinerary. Come experience the solar eclipse with us this summer, and stay to enjoy our extraordinary hospitality.  No one does it better than the Bed and Breakfasts of Kentucky! Book you room with any one of our member Inns today.