On Track with The Kentucky Railroad Museum!

The Kentucky Railroad Museum in New Haven, Kentucky is a great place for railroad enthusiasts of all ages! With 22 miles of rail running through the scenic Rolling Fork River Valley, 6 functioning locomotive engines, and over 100 units of “rolling stock” - or cars - the Kentucky Railroad Museum is not to be missed. One of the oldest railroad museums in the United States, the Kentucky Railroad Museum was founded in 1954 by a group who were not only railway enthusiasts but also farsighted enough to be able to see the coming end of travel by rail - and they wanted to preserve what they could, while they could. Because of their vision, the museum presently owns four steam locomotives, six diesel locomotives and over a hundred pieces of rolling stock. Four of these are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the L&N No. 152, a steam locomotive, an L&N No. 665 Combine Car, an F&C Model 55 Rail Car, and a Pullman Lounge, Observation, and Sleeping Car. The best part is that many of the engines and cars they have are still functional so, instead of just walking around these incredible and beautiful workhorses of history in awe ... you can take ride in them! And not for just a few feet, either. Remember above, where I said the museum has 22 miles of track? It’s not just for looks. Not only can you take a ride in one of these trains with one of their basic excursions, you can take a step back in history or forward into fantasy with various special events such as dining trips, train robberies, mystery theatre trips, and, for the little ones, Christmas trains and visits by Thomas the Tank Engine! So come on down and experience the thrill of yesteryear at the Kentucky Railroad Museum!

The Kentucky Railroad Museum

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