Kentucky's Top Indoor Attractions

Outdoors lovers flock to the beautiful, adventurous state of Kentucky throughout the year.  It's truly a 4-season destination, with plenty to see and do no matter what is happening with the weather. Even during these colder, winter months, hiking trails and parks are open, underground cave systems are still accessible, and the wilderness is calling your name. But more than that, Kentucky has a wonderful variety of indoor attractions to see as well. With so many exciting ways to play, a variety of great museums, a vibrant arts scene, plenty of historic attractions, and an exquisite food scene, Kentucky is truly a destination for everyone this winter. There are a number of wonderful Bed and Breakfasts throughout the state of Kentucky that provide the best in comfort and hospitality.  Find the one that is closest to where you plan to be, and book your room with them today. Come discover the myriad of ways to stay warm and dry in Kentucky this winter.  

Find the Indoor Attractions in Kentucky

It's easy to talk about the many outdoor activities in Kentucky, no matter the time of year, but we rarely focus on Kentucky's many indoor attractions.  This spirited state truly is full of one exciting adventure after another.  What if you don't enjoy being outside in the cold and wet? That's perfectly ok! There's more than enough to do in Kentucky, where you'll stay warm and dry and out of the elements. Here are our favorite indoor attractions across the state of Kentucky to help you get started:

Whether you choose to take part in the incredible outdoor activities in Kentucky this winter, or whether you'd rather stay warm and dry in the state's incredible museums, shops, and restaurants, nothing beats a winter getaway to the stunning state of Kentucky. Kentucky's Bed and Breakfasts are conveniently located throughout the state, and are waiting to make your experience an unforgettable one.  Find your room with any of our member Inns today, and discover the best indoor attractions waiting for you in Kentucky this winter.