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6 Amazing Kentucky Waterfalls to Visit This Spring

6 of the Most Amazing Kentucky Waterfalls to Visit This Spring
The fantastic beauty of the Bluegrass state is something you would not want to miss. One of the best ways to have a taste of this beauty is by visiting the most memorable Kentucky waterfalls. Kentucky's most beautiful waterfalls are located all around the state, with plenty more hidden gems and sweet surprises than the few we have listed here. We invite you to make the most of your trip and truly spend some time exploring this stunning state. When it's time to take a rest after a long day of admiring our parks and waterfalls, there's nothing that beats a visit to one of our Bed and Breakfasts. In fact, no matter what brings you to our state, Kentucky Bed and breakfast are the best places to stay during your visit. We offer the best accommodations and hospitality services, which guarantees you a memorable visit to our state. Book your stay with one of our extraordinary Inns today!

6 Amazing Kentucky Waterfalls to See This Spring

As we mentioned earlier, there are waterfalls all over the state.  Of the more popular waterfalls are Cumberland Falls and Eagle Falls. In this list of extraordinary places to visit this spring, we've focused mostly on the eastern side of Kentucky, as that is where the most popular waterfalls are located. The Daniel Boone National Forest and Cumberland Falls State Park are truly magical places to explore. You can spend days there without venturing much further in any direction, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice. Other great Kentucky waterfalls to keep in mind include Broke Leg Falls, Tioga Falls, and Tunnel Falls, all located north of these incredible 6 Kentucky Waterfalls. Without further ado, let us help you plan your trip this spring. These are the 6 Kentucky Waterfalls you simply can't miss!

  • Cumberland Falls:  The famous Cumberland Falls is located within Cumberland Falls State Park. It has a large volume of water, which makes it the most exciting sight. It has earned the name 'Niagara Falls of the South.' It is also known for its beautiful moonbow. You simply must visit this impressive waterfall, so you can enjoy the iconic views pictured above. While you're there, take the time to enjoy the majestic beauty of Cumberland Falls State Park. 

  • Eagle Falls:  Eagle Falls is also located within Cumberland Falls State. The site is amazing, with water flowing down into a rocky area. It has a beautiful setting, and your walk there is not strenuous at all.

  • Yahoo Falls:  Yahoo Falls is located in Daniel Boone National Forest, and it's the tallest waterfall in the state. This makes it quite an impressive sight. Behind the falls is a beautiful cave that you wouldn't want to miss too.

  • Anglin Falls:  It is located in McKee. The spring has an impressive view, and more so for botany lovers, the sight is just amazing for you. Alongside having a view of the falls, you are also in for an adventure.

  • 76 Falls:  The falls are quite high, thus impressive. The falls, the scenic walk, as well as the picnic experience, are very relaxing. You need to be a bit cautious to avoid slipping off.

  • Star Creek Falls:  The place shows various key attractions, such as Godzilla Rock, which is quite big and fantastic for viewing. Star Creek arch is also another rock formation worth seeing.  And, moreover, there's a trail that leads from Star Creek Falls to Dog Slaughter Falls, which is exceptionally beautiful.  This is a 2 for 1 stop worth making!
6 of the Most Amazing Kentucky Waterfalls to Visit This Spring

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