Kentucky Bourbon Trails - The Craft Distillery Tour

In our two previous posts, we discussed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Louisville's Urban Bourbon Tour - now it's time to discover the Kentucky Bourbon Trail's Craft Distillery Tour! Bourbon has been big in Kentucky for almost as long as Kentucky has been around but the last 25 years or so have seen an immense uptick in popularity and production of this delicious, signature Kentucky spirit. The craft brewing and distilling movement in the US has also played a role in the quantity of bourbons being produced - thus having more than one bourbon trail with less than ten distillers on it hardly covers the industry, so lets get on the road and hit ...
The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Distillery Tour Craft distilling is booming right now but has always been at the core of the unrivaled craftsmanship of the Kentucky bourbon industry. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Distillery Tour will take you down winding country roads to sample new handcrafted bourbon brands from eight craft distilleries: Barrel House Distillery, Corsair Artisan Distillery, Limestone Branch Distillery, MB Roland Distillery, New Riff Distillery, The Old Pogue Distillery, Wilderness Trail Distillery, and Danville Willett Distillery. As with the two Kentucky Bourbon trails, a free passport can be picked up at any of the participating distilleries or downloaded from the The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Distillery Tour webpage. Visit all 8 distilleries, sample some bourbon, learn the history and the process, and collect your stamps. Beyond a good taste in your mouth and a good feeling in your heart, a filled Craft Tour passport book will earn you an exclusive, classic Kentucky julep cup. Blaze Your Own Kentucky Bourbon Trail The tours and trails we've outlined these last few posts are great - recommended! - but they're certainly not the last word on Kentucky's bourbon distilleries. There are many other fine, Kentucky bourbon distilleries - both big batch and craft - that offer excellent tours and free tastings of their fine bourbons. A good list of Kentucky distilleries can be found here. If you have a favorite brand of Kentucky bourbon or just see a distillery that isn't on one of the Kentucky Bourbon Trails but looks interesting, contact them and ask - chances are, they offer a tour and a taste! Kentucky Bourbon Tour Lodging Nothing makes or breaks a vacation like the quality of your lodgings. Why travel away from your home only to be uncomfortable? Kentucky bed and breakfast inns offer uncommonly comfortable accommodations, delicious, hearty breakfasts, and knowledgeable insight into the local area. Make your Kentucky getaway the best it can be with a stay in a locally owned and operated, Kentucky bed and breakfast inn!