Go Underground at Mammoth Cave National Park

The warm, relaxing months of summer are finally here, and Kentucky is ready to show you a good time.  Each year, visitors to Kentucky come in search of one thing; adventure.  This year, it's your turn to experience the unique, unbridled spirit of Kentucky that has captivated so many.  Head underground into Mammoth Cave National Park, one of Kentucky's most famous cave systems.  This place, dubbed a "grand, gloomy, and peculiar" place by Stephen Bishop, will certainly not disappoint.  Book a room at any of our incredible Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts, and get ready to experience a Kentucky like you’ve never known before.

Go Underground at Mammoth Cave

It's nearly impossible to step into the underground cavern that is Mammoth Cave National Park without feeling an unbridled sense of awe.  Imagine yourself standing amidst the stalactites, stalagmites, travertine dams and other geologic wonders in the world's longest cave system.  At a staggering 53,000 acres, Mammoth Cave National Park features over 4,000 known passages and more than 400 mapped trails.  In the cool world of Kentucky's underground, there is an experience for everyone. Thrill-seekers can venture underground without a lantern, or do their best to squeeze into places like Fatman's Misery or the Bottomless Pit.  Those new to caving definitely should not miss the Frozen Niagara Cave Tour.  There are also interesting themed walks through Mammoth Cave National Park featuring topics like slavery and the Civil War. The adventures at Mammoth Cave National Park don't stop below ground. Above ground, visitors will find 70 miles of trails across lush tree covered ridges and valley floors. Drifting along the Green River is also a beautiful and rewarding thing to do. There are also a variety of themed walks above ground for those seeking a deeper understanding of this beautiful Kentucky park.  Reservations aren't required in the park, but to ensure maximum enjoyment they are certainly recommended.

Kentucky Caving

Though Mammoth Cave National Park is indeed an impressive sight, there are plenty of other exciting underground worlds to discover. In fact, caves and caverns can easily be considered the most popular natural attraction in the state.  One of the top caving destinations in Eastern Kentucky is Carter Caves State Resort Park.  This park has the highest concentration of caves to be found in any area of Kentucky.  Popular caves include X-Cave, Cascade Cave, and Saltpetre Cave. Enjoy Kentucky's only underground boat tour and follow the footsteps of Civil War Soldiers at the Lost River Cave. Other popular Kentucky caves are Hidden River Cave, the Louisville MegaCavern, and the caves at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. No matter what else you have in store for your summer getaway to Kentucky, make sure you find the time to cool off underground.  This unique piece of Kentucky's natural world will certainly leave you with a lasting impression.  Afterwards, relax with the unbeatable hospitality found at our regional Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts.  Book your stay with any one of our member Inns today!