Foodie Adventures In Kentucky

BBQ Sandwich
Yes--you ready that title correctly; there are foodie adventures worth taking in Kentucky!  Kentucky is famous for its down home cooking, which lends itself nicely to a wide range of fascinating foodie adventures.  Some recipes are as old as the state, and yet others are positioned at the culinary cutting edge. Famous Kentucky foods include so much more than fried chicken. From Hot browns, burgoo, and cheese grits to gourmet dining, you’ll want to try it all. The best way to work your way through Kentucky's regional cuisines is to trace your path along a culinary trail, of which Kentucky has several. But first, let's talk accommodations!  There's nothing that beats a stay at a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast, where that warm southern hospitality is a given.  Find a property that interests you from a list of our members or by region, then start planning your trip.  

A Foodie Guide to Kentucky

Kentucky isn't exactly the first place to jump to one's mind when thinking of popular foodie destinations around the country.  That being said, there's just something good and satisfying about the foundational culinary heritage of Kentucky, which has blossomed into an innovative and interesting foodie culture.  Cuisine varies from region to region in Kentucky, offering a truly diverse range of innovative and delicious restaurants, many of which are supplied by Kentucky's thriving local farms and markets.  Here is just a sample of what your next trip to Kentucky could look (and taste) like:

  • Start in the west, with the famous Western Kentucky BBQ Trail. Kentucky BBQ is unique and delicious, and draws visitors from all over the country. Make sure to find some time along the way to explore the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, too.

  • Head up North by Louisville for some delicious Hot Brown, which was first created in the 1920's for guests of the Brown Hotel in Louisville. This delicious and hearty sandwich can cure just about anything that ails you. As you make your way through Bluegrass Country, don't miss your chance to stop at one of Kentucky's top breweries or bourbon distilleries.

  • Just east of Lexington is a rather interesting culinary trail: the Beer Cheese Trail. Beer Cheese is a Kentucky Staple, and has been since the 1940's when it was first served at John Allman's Driftwood Inn restaurant.

  • You're ready for some of that famous Kentucky Fried Chicken, and what would a foodie adventure be without it? Sure, the legend started with the Colonel's famous recipe from his restaurant in Corbin in 1930, but it's since gone much further than that. Kentucky even hosts the World Chicken Festival every September in London.

  • Now it's time to head into Appalachian Kentucky, along the Bon Appetite Appalachia Trail. This region is the perfect place to stop and explore local farms, farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, vineyards, wineries, and craft breweries.

If you don't have the time or dedication to venturing down one of these foodie-friendly culinary trails, you may want to consider dining at any (or all) of these featured restaurants, a regional list compiled by the Kentucky Department of Tourism. They are a quick and delicious introduction into the world of Kentucky cuisine.  Once your bellies have been fully satisfied, rest and comfort await at your home away from home.  There's no better way to see Kentucky than by visiting one of our member Bed and Breakfasts.  Find your next vacation destination today, and start making plans for your foodie adventure through Kentucky.