Embark on a Haunted Adventure in Kentucky This Fall

Kentucky is known for a lot of things: horses, spirited adventures, bourbon, picturesque rolling hills, and, of course, Bluegrass music.  However, there's also another side to Kentucky worth discovering this fall; a haunted side. There are plenty of ghost stories, urban legends, and spooky places throughout the state of Kentucky just waiting to be discovered.  There's no better time than the month of October to put a little fright into your life.  This fall, join us at any one of our Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts, and discover the haunted side of Kentucky.

Haunted Adventure in Kentucky

Home to a variety of haunted nightclubs, restaurants, houses, hotels and hospitals, along with plenty of paranormal phenomena and unusual occurrences found in every Region of Kentucky, it is considered by some to be the most haunted state in the Upper South.

Haunted Attractions & Legends

  • HillBilly Beast: The HillBilly Beast, similar to the ever-elusive Bigfoot, haunts the foothills of Eastern Kentucky. The beast, reputed to be big and hairy, with yellow eyes and a horrible stench, glides and howls his way through the forests, scaring visitors in the area. This haunted legend dates back to the days of Daniel Boone, and was even featured on the History Channel's show MonsterQuest.
  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a familiar one, and involves a trio of tall tales that take place just outside of Louisville along Sleepy Hollow Road. In once instance, a black hearse is said to appear out of nowhere, causing drivers to run off the road and into a ravine 30 feet below. Passersby also often hear cries and screams coming from underneath what is known as Cry Baby Bridge. Cry Baby Bridge is a covered bridge where settlement women went to allegedly toss their unwanted or sickly children. Finally, during the 1970s and 1980s Devil's Point was the rumored location of satanic rituals.
  • Waverly Hill Tuberculosis Sanitorium, Lousiville: This is widely considered to be one of America's most haunted places, dating back to 1912 when Tuberculosis was spreading like wildfire throughout Kentucky. Among other things, visitors to the Sanatorium have reported hearing the voices of children playing, doors slamming, footsteps, and the smell of freshly baked break.
  • Bob Mackey's Music World, Newport: This is, perhaps, the most haunted nightclub and bar in the country. The fact that the building was originally a slaughterhouse lends to its spooky qualities. It's reported that a headless corpse of a woman, her two Satan-worshiping killers, and a dance hall girl who committed suicide all haunt the former nightclub.
  • Mammoth Cave: There are quite a few ghost stories and hauntings associated with Mammoth Cave itself, ranging from early cave dwellers who buried their dead to detailed accounts of mysterious movements.

Haunted Adventure in Kentucky

Haunted Tours

Though these haunted attractions and tours are always exciting, there are also a variety of other fun haunted events happening throughout the fall in Kentucky.  No matter what appeals to you, the friendly innkeepers at our Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts look forward to helping you plan an exciting haunted adventure this fall. Book your room at any one of our member Inns today, and let the adventure begin!