Edgar Cayce's Hometown - Hopkinsville, KY

Edgar Cayce was born and spent his formative years in Hopkinsville, KY Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) the "sleeping prophet" and "father of holistic medicine" may be the one of the best known psychics of the 20th century - and sons of Kentucky. Managing to bridge the gap between eastern mysticism and western Christianity, Cayce gave psychic readings for more than 40 years but credited his powers to a strong Christian faith and dedicating his life to spirituality. Cayce was born on a farm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and it was here, as a child, that he first began to become aware of his psychic abilities. Claiming to not only see spirits but also to converse with them, he displayed the uncanny ability to memorize books by simply sleeping on them. What I wouldn't have done for that ability during my school years ... Later in life, Cayce claimed the ability to be able to put himself into a sleep-like state and, then, in contact with "the universal consciousness". In this state he would answer questions from petitioners that were as broad as "what's the meaning of life?" to ones as narrow as "how can I ease my arthritis?" Cayce's reputation and fame grew and he was credited with diagnosing the illnesses, revealing the past lives, and predicting the futures of hundreds of seeking visitors. The first thirty-five years of Cayce's life - the formative years - were spent in Kentucky, mostly Hopkinsville, Louisville, and Bowling Green. It was while here that he developed both his remarkable faith and psychic talents. Those interested in touring the physical landscape of Cayce's formative years will find plenty in Hopkinsville to see, including some of the first homes he lived and grew up in, the school and church he attended, his final resting place, and a display of memorabilia at the Pennyroyal Area Museum.

Hopkinsville, Kentucky - Edgar Cayce's Hometown

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