Discover the Trails and Scenic Byways of Kentucky

The development of trails and scenic byways is growing trend in the travel industry.  Generally speaking, trails in this sense are destinations in a particular area that serve as wonderful travel destinations.  Starting your vacation in trail towns is a great way to design your own adventure, hitting the attractions along the way that most interest you.  As you go, feel free to venture off the trail to enjoy the scenery, services, and heritage of the nearby communities, each of which offers their own slice of southern charm and character. In Kentucky, there are several wonderful trails and scenic byways to explore. Finding lodging couldn't be easier, thanks to our convenient property search for Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts and Inns.  Plot out your route through Kentucky's top trails, and make reservations at the nearest Kentucky Bed and Breakfast we can have a room waiting for you.  Our member Inns offer a variety of properties, each with one thing in common: Unbeatable Southern hospitality.

Trails & Scenic Byways to Explore

There's so much to do and see in Kentucky, that it will likely take you several trips to this great state to do it all.  Each time you visit, try out a different trail or scenic byway.  We guarantee you'll open your world in ways previously unimagined.  Keep reading for a glimpse into some of the fun that can be had along the trails and byways of Kentucky.

  • The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is perhaps one of the most well-known and popular of all the trails and byways in the state of Kentucky. It's a great way to taste Kentucky's famous Bourbon, and to experience this rich cultural tradition. There's also an Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville, perfect for the traveler who is short on time.
  • There are a couple of Kentucky Wine Trails worth exploring, as well as wine and bourbon (or spirits) combination tours. The Northern Kentucky Back Roads Wine Trail was the first wine trail in the state, and includes a wonderful variety of wineries.
  • There are some beautiful scenic drives and Byways through the horse country surrounding Lexington.
  • Remember the trials and tribulations of the Cherokee people along the historic Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.
  • For a slightly different trail adventure, enjoy a ride on the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. It's a heritage railway in Stearns, Kentucky, and travels through lush countryside in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.
  • Discover Kentucky's portion of the Great River Road, one of the most beautiful national scenic byways, located along the Mississippi River.
  • The Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway winds its way through the state, showcasing Kentucky's historic involvement in the Civil War, as well as plenty of historic attractions relating to Abraham Lincoln, Bourbon, and Kentucky's religious heritage. It's a spectacular journey back through time.
  • Bourbon isn't the only great thing to drink in Kentucky. We're also home to delicious craft beer, and the Brewgrass Trail is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best.
  • Take an unforgettable journey through the Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, a popular destination area for backcountry camping, canoeing, hiking and rock climbing. Feel free to get out and explore along the way, and to make the most of your adventure. The route is about 46 miles long, and will take approximately an hour depending on how many stops you make.
  • It may sound odd at a first, but the Beer Cheese Trail is a delicious adventure worth taking. All 8 venues are located in Winchester, Kentucky.
  • The Big Bone Lick Scenic Byway is an extraordinary drive, where you'll encounter panoramic views of the Ohio River. It's especially beautiful during the colorful fall months.
  • The Blues to Bluegrass Scenic Byway is divided up into 3 main sections: The bill Monroe Bluegrass Scenic Byway Trail, the W.C. Handy Blues Trail, and the Merle Travis/Everly Brothers Rock-N-Roll Trail.
  • Do you like BBQ? If so, the Kentucky BBQ Trail is for you! It features some of the best BBQ eats in all of Kentucky.
  • Following the Civil War Discovery Trail is the best way to discover Kentucky's Civil War history. In Kentucky alone, there are 53 incredible sites to visit, including several battlefields.
Now you see why we keep saying you'll need to come back again and again to truly experience everything Kentucky has to offer.  In addition to the above, each local area features several additional trails, tours, and byways worth exploring.  Your lodging host is an excellent source of information while in Kentucky.  To find one, search through our member properties today, and then book your next adventure in Kentucky.