Discover Wickland, the Home of Three Governors

Wickland, the Home of Three Governors is famous not only for its former residents but also its history, architecture, quilt and doll exhibits, and its spirits ... Wickland, the Home of Three Governors was built between the years of 1825-1828 and is considered one of the best Georgian-style houses remaining in Kentucky. That being said, the most famous thing about Wickland is right there in the attraction's title - it has served as home to three governors! The first was Charles A. Wickliffe, who had the home built while he was still a Whig member of the Kentucky House of Representatives. Wickliffe served as governor of Kentucky from September 27, 1839 to September 2, 1840. The next governor to occupy Wickland was Robert C. Wickliffe, son of Charles A. Wickliffe. Robert was governor of Louisiana from 1856 to 1860. The third governor to occupy Wickland was the grandson of Charles A. Wickliffe, J. C. W. Beckham. Beckham was born at Wickland and became governor of Kentucky from 1900–1907, prior to serving a term as United States senator. The beauty of Wickland's architecture cannot be overstated, however. Wickland is a three-story, Georgian mansion on a 66-acre estate, featuring a number of architectural details of note. Take, for example, the perfectly balanced Georgian facade, the striking double-parlor, or the continuous handrail on the interior, cantilevered stairway that runs unbroken all of the way to the third floor! Most of the hardware you see at Wickland is original to the house. Visitors to Wickland can take a self-guided, architectural tour of the home as well as enjoy the quilt and doll collection exhibits it contains. A number of special events occur throughout the year, as well, including the very popular "A Visit with the Spirits of Wickland" 90-minute paranormal tour. A family-friendly excursion, this tour includes an opportunity to interact - through a psychic - with the friendly spirits of the people who once lived at Wickland. Spooky, historical fun!

Wickland, the Home of Three Governors

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