Discover Craft Beer on the Brewgrass Trail

It's no secret that Kentuckians are fans of their drinks.  Kentucky is, afterall, the birthplace of bourbon and home to the ever-popular Mint Julep.  However, despite being at the forefront of the bourbon scene, craft beer has slowly started to creep into the spotlight. Though it was once only relegated to hipster cities like Portland or beer-loving states like Wisconsin, the craft beer scene has been growing at an increasingly fast pace and making a name for itself in markets the country over.  In Kentucky, the craft brew scene has found it's home in Lexington, where small batch, high quality craft beer offerings have been cropping up along the Brewgrass Trail.  Find a Kentucky Inn to stay at this summer, and come sip cold brews with us during the hot summer days.

Cold Craft Beer Meets Hot Summer Days

Kentucky's Bluegrass country is no longer just the home of master distillers that have been honing and perfecting their craft for centuries; it's now also home to master brewers. Though there are craft breweries scattered across the state of Kentucky, you'll find a bigger concentration of them in and around Lexington.  Lexington's Brewgrass Trail has been conveniently created to showcase the finest of Kentucky's craft beer.  The breweries included on this trail include Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, Beer Engine, Blue Stallion Brewing, Chase Brewing Company, Country Boy Brewing, Ethereal Brewing, Rooster Brew, and West Sixth Brewing Company.  Tours are available at Alltech Lexington Brewing and West Sixth Brewing Companies, both of which will offer you a wonderful glimpse behind the scenes of Kentucky's craft beer scene.  Depending on how much you love craft beer, you may even want to seek out a restaurant or two along Kentucky's Beer Cheese Trail, where you'll find Kentucky's celebrated and regionally appreciated beer cheese.
Maybe beer isn't exactly your thing, and you'd rather sip and swirl your way through a hot afternoon?  If so, the fertile grounds of Kentucky's Bluegrass region's wine country will be perfect for you. Though wine grapes have been grown in this area since 1798, the wine industry of today is still considered to be a newcomer.  Kentucky's wine industry is currently experiencing something of a renaissance, largely due to the need to replace large and profitable tobacco farms that once filled the region.  Today, there are 72 licensed wineries in the region, cultivating a total of 600 acres of wine grapes.  Popular wineries in the area include Black Barn Winery, Castle Hill Winery, Chateau di Vieux Corbeau, Jean Farris Winery & Bistro, Wildside Winery, and more. Though craft beer and wine are great and certainly have a dedicated following, you can't leave Kentucky without sampling some of the world's finest bourbon.  The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a great place to start your search for your favorite bourbon distilleries.  It will guide you through generation after generation of Kentucky's heritage and tradition in regards to this fine spirit.  A fun adventure for the bourbon enthusiast is Louisville's Urban Bourban Trail, which will take you deep into the bourbon-inspired creativity of Louisville’s culinary artists. No matter how or where you choose to spend your days, we know you'll be looking for a relaxing retreat at the end of the day.  Our Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts offer exactly that, plus a healthy dose of that famous Kentucky hospitality you expect.  Find what speaks to you, and book a room at one of our member Bed and Breakfasts today.