Dining on Comfort Food in Kentucky

While Kentucky may be best known for it’s Bourbon and the ever-popular Mint Julep served up during Derby Days, they also have an arguably delicious food scene worth exploring. Though it may come as a surprise for some to hear Kentucky referred to as a popular food destination, it’s true. Even better, it's a comfort food destination.  Kentucky does comfort food better than any other state out there. Whether you love to feast on barbecue or sip on spirits, Kentucky has some of the best food around. Once you've decided where it is you want to go, find the unbeatable hospitality you expect at our Kentucky Bed and Breakfasts.

Finding Comfort Food

Everyone knows you can't come to Kentucky without trying two things:  Bourbon and Barbecue.  To find some of Kentucky's best comfort food, we suggest traveling down one of the many culinary trails around the state. Though this blog can't possibly cover everything, one thing is for sure:  As you travel from region to region, you will enjoy an unparalleled glimpse into the true heart of Kentucky. Northern Kentucky's comfort food scene is often overlooked, or viewed merely as a product of their nearby Ohio neighbor, Cincinnati.  Their very proximity to this city hub, however, is in part responsible for the growing food scene up North.  Add to that mix incredible products produced by local farmers in the North, and you have a burgeoning food scene that shouldn't be ignored any longer.  With a rich Bavarian history in the area, you'll find wonderful German dishes like Goetta, which goes perfectly with the German-style brews served at the Hofbraühaus in Newport.  Southern staples like fried chicken and fish can also be found in abundance, as can Barbecue.  Cincinnati Chili is also a must when visiting the area.
In the mood for some of Kentucky's famous BBQ?  Then head to Western Kentucky, home of the famous Western Kentucky BBQ Trail.  Just like everywhere else that claims to have the best BBQ in America, Kentucky has it's own special brand of BBQ that locals dub the best in America.  The bar is set high in Western Kentucky, and visitors flock from all around the country to sample these delectable flavors.  With 15 restaurants on the trail, Barbecue lover's will not want to miss the flavors found along the way. Appalachian food is as unique and deeply rooted in Kentucky's heritage as it gets. With over 40 farm tours, farmers markets, farm-to-fork restaurants, festivals and events, vineyards, wineries, and craft breweries to enjoy, Kentucky's Appalachian region is an extremely popular culinary destination.  The Bon Appetit Appalachia trail serves as a wonderful guide through the region, where humble raw materials become undeniably delicious objects of elegance and dignity.  The unsung food trail through Appalachian Kentucky may even lead you to elusive pawpaw apples, and plenty of wondrous discoveries along the way. If you have a sweet tooth that can't be satisfied, the sweets culinary trail through Kentucky is perfect for you.  Here, you'll find handmade Kentucky chocolates, perfect doughnuts, mile-high meringue pie, Kentucky specialty Derby Pie, and world-famous bourbon balls.  Culinary icons such as Rebecca Ruth Candy Company, famous for their Bourbon Balls, stand side by side with newcomers, like Annie May’s Sweet Café. Finally, though it won't fill you up, Bourbon deserves equal mention when discussing the many forms of comfort food enjoyed in Kentucky.  Kentucky Bourbon is legendary, and the art and science behind making this world-famous spirit are part of the rich heritage and tradition in Kentucky.  Explore Kentucky's 7 distilleries along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and experience for yourself why bourbon has such a lasting legacy in Kentucky. Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, let us help you find the perfect lodging for your time in Kentucky. Our member Inn’s offer a variety of unique hideaways and accommodations perfect for any vacation, all with one thing in common; exceptional Kentucky hospitality. Find what speaks to you, and book your room at one of Kentucky’s finest Bed and Breakfasts today.