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Come See The Top Historic Attractions in Kentucky

Just about everywhere you go in Kentucky, you're bound to find something to do with our country's history. Some of Ketucky's top Historic attractions include gems like Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace, Civil War Forts and Battlefields, and the Legendary Trail of Tears. Dig a little deeper in the history of Kentucky, and you'll find Appalachian Festivals, Coal Field Culture, extraordinary trail towns, and a variety of interesting monuments and museums along the way that celebrate the deep cultural roots of Kentucky. There is no way to see the many historic attractions Kentucky has to offer in one trip, but these top attractions are a good place to start. When you're looking for lodging, look no further than one of our member Bed and Breakfasts. We offer a range of accommodations, and the finest hospitality in all of Kentucky. Find your Inn from our list of members today!

Kentucky's Top Historic Attractions
Whether you're a Civil War buff who's looking to visit battlefields and relive this extraordinary piece of our history through reenactments, or whether you just just generally appreciate deep connections to the past, you'll enjoy discovering Kentucky's history during your next getaway. Here are 10 of the most interesting historic attractions in Kentucky. Which ones have you been to?
  • Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace National Historic Park is one of the most popular historic attractions in the state. Each year, people from around the country come here to pay homage to the Nation's 16th president. If you're interested in more connections to Lincoln, check out the Lincoln Heritage Trail.
  • Trace the footsteps of Daniel Boone as you travel along the Boone Trace, an early trail followed by some of American's first pioneers as they moved westward during the expansion. There are a variety of recreational and educational opportunities along the way, helping visitors understand the story of the conflict between Native Americans and early settlers.
  • Kentucky played a major role in the American Civil War, and as a result is a treasure trove of historic attractions. Popular Civil War Battlefields include Perryville and Mill Springs, but beyond that there is an extensive military history worth exploring if you have the time.
  • Kentucky's Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill was once the 3rd largest shaker community in the country.
  • The Cathedral of the Assumption is the oldest inland Catholic Church in the country, open since 1830 and recently restored.
  • Historic Penn's Store is the oldest Country Store in America still owned by its original family. It's doors have been open and serving its community since 1845.
  • Mt. Zion Covered Bridge, located east of Bardstown and built in 1871, is the longest multi-span covered bridge in Kentucky.
  • At Old Fort Harrod State Park, you'll find a A full-scale replica of the fort built by James Harrod in 1774. There are also other historic sites of interest at the park.
  • Trail of Tears Commemorative Park, one of the few documented campsites along the trail was used during 1838-39 as Cherokee Indians were forced into smaller territories. It's also the burial site of two Cherokee Chiefs, Fly Smith and Whitepath.
  • The Maker's Mark Distillery is a National Historic Landmark, and is the oldest operating distillery still located on its original site.

Top Museums in Kentucky
There are also a number of incredible museums and monuments worth visiting in the state of Kentucky, each of which showcases a unique facet of Kentucky's fascinating history. If you're short on time, we recommend visiting the following museums to make the most out of your trip:

It's easy to get lost in the history of Kentucky, but exploring some of these top historic attractions is one of the best ways to embrace and understand t he culture that makes Kentucky such a beloved part of America. Our member Bed and Breakfast offer you the perfect place to relax after a day of adventure. Each Inn in our network is unique in its accommodations, but all of them offer the incredible hospitality you'd expect from the Bluegrass State. Find a room, and start planning your adventure today.