Canoe Green River through Mammoth Cave National Park!

Looking for a great way to cool off during your Kentucky vacation? Visit Mammoth Cave National Park and canoe Green River for a relaxing trip on a slow-rolling river past majestic, natural scenery! Mammoth Cave National Park, in the hilly country of south central Kentucky's Green River valley, is a popular destination for those interested in exploring the vast chambers and complex labyrinths of the famous, natural cave that gives the park its name - but did you know you can also canoe Green River? The Green River flows through 25 miles of Mammoth Cave National Park with graceful ease much of the year. It and 6 miles of the Nolin River, a Green River tributary, offer some of the finest canoeing in the state of Kentucky! At normal water levels, the Green River averages 200 feet wide and 10 feet deep, with surface speeds running at about five miles per hour. The course is dotted with sandbars, islands, and subsurface springs. The Nolin River features a narrower channel that averages about 10 feet deep with a slightly slower current. Consequently, both rivers offer Class I river conditions, which means pleasant and safe canoeing much of the year, regardless of your skill level. When you canoe Green River, you'll be gently carried past incredible scenery like dramatic bluffs, majestic stands of old growth trees, and an abundant plethora of Kentucky wildlife: deer, beaver, fox, bobcat, wild turkey, many different species of fish, including muskie, small mouth bass, and catfish, and a large variety of birds. A number of outfitters offer canoe and kayak rentals for use within Mammoth Cave National Park, as well as guided excursions to kayak or canoe Green River or Nolin River. Guides on your canoe or kayak trips down the Green and Nolin rivers will help you to explore and learn about the rivers histories and ecosystems - plus they can show you the best place to enjoy that picnic lunch you packed! Outfitters offer different packages to kayak and canoe Green River: short excursions, day trips, and multi-day trips. Check their sites for details of what services they offer to find the right outfitter for you - and enjoy your Kentucky vacation!

Kayak or Canoe Green River

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