Woman Getting a Massage

A Wellness Getaway for the New Year

There's no better time than the holidays and the upcoming New Year to start thinking about your overall health and wellness. A New Year always brings with it new hopes, dreams, and aspirations; new goals for yourself and the life you are living. There's no better place to start off the New Year than one of our member Bed and Breakfasts in Kentucky. Escape into the warm hospitality and romantic atmosphere of Kentucky Inns this winter, all while kicking off what is sure to be a fantastic year of wellness and good health in 2019. Book a room at a Kentucky Inn today.
A New Year of Wellness Begins in Kentucky

Though many of Kentucky's Bed and Breakfasts are conveniently located near popular cities and attractions, you'll often find the ambiance at our Inns pleasing, as as though you're a million miles away, nestled in your own private retreat. There's no need to leave the comfort of your accommodations, but if and when you want to venture out, there's plenty to see and do. In the New Year, a focus on wellness is often at the forefront of our guests' hearts and minds. Here are a few ideas to get you started as you begin the journey to nurture your inner self:
  • Unplug and indulge with a luxurious spa day. There are plenty of unique spa treatments, including mud baths, hypnotherapy, body wraps, body scrubs, and so much more. Your local Innkeeper will be able to give you specific recommendations.
  • Enjoy flotation therapy, a unique combination of therapies that allows you to float weightless while enjoying a dark and silent space. It's perfect for mediation and being still with your thoughts.
  • Nourish both mind and body with healthy and fresh dining options available throughout the state.
  • Take time to mediate and be still with your thoughts. Whether through guided mediation on a yoga mat or by yourself on a beautiful hike, there are plenty of places to find your inner peace in Kentucky.

Come see for yourself how it feels to embrace luxury and elegance. Let us help you welcome 2019 with the wellness getaway of a lifetime. Book a room at a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast today.