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The Poet's House

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David Hendren and Rick Whitfill
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501 Main St.
Ghent, Kentucky 41045

The Poet's House

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The Poet's House is located in Ghent, Kentucky.

Looking for a quiet place that takes you back in time to the days of big side wheelers and little steam packets; watching them load and unload passengers and freight, then move up and down the Ohio River?

Imagine standing on the wharf at "steamboat time", watching the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, bells ringing, boat horns blowing, men moving boxes and bales to be taken to nearby towns, Captains and their mates shouting orders. Oh, such a time it was back then when life was simple and James Tandy Ellis was a young man.

The Poets House Bed & Breakfast-Sunroom overlooking the Ohio RiverYou may envision yourself in those days, as you look out the window of your suite at the Ohio River and watch the boats moving slowly by, or sit quietly upon a bench outside sipping lemonade, iced tea, or your favorite beverage of choice while enjoying the beautiful view of the Ohio and the hills of Indiana in the background as the sun slowly slips into the clouds, turning the sky into radiant hues of red, orange and pink.

James Tandy Ellis is recognized throughout Kentucky and the country as a soldier, politician, musician, author and poet. He published several novels concerning Kentucky life, and numerous poems. His singular wit and keen insight into the foibles of human nature earned him national recognition for his newspaper column "Tang of the South". He also served as Adjutant General of Kentucky. Mr. Ellis died in his home in 1942. Make a reservation to learn more about this colorful man.

The Poets House Bed & Breakfast-Elegant ParlorToday, the home of James Tandy Ellis is listed on the Kentucky and National register of historic homes. Built in 1863, it is a Federal style brick structure with walls "three" brick thick. Business partners David Hendren and Rick Whitfill , purchased the home in March 2005 and after renovations re-opened in September 2005.

Upon your departure, relish the new feelings of rejuvenation you acquired. You can now "Take on the Day" with a new appreciation because you have visited The Poet's House Bed and Breakfast and sat with James Tandy Ellis.

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