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People use their traditions, art forms and experiences to tell a distinct story. Set these stories among specific places and historical events, and you have a region's cultural heritage.  Kentucky's cultural tapestry is woven of many threads, including those of Native Americans, African-Americans, explorers and pioneers in blood (the conflicting loyalties during the Civil War); sweat (the labors of hardy pioneers who crossed the Appalachians to carve out a new life) and tears (the travails of the state's Native American and enslaved African American populations).

It has often been said that the past is a window to the future. Kentucky's rich cultural roots continue to flourish as Kentuckians embrace their multicultural heritage, and continue adding to their story. Come discover what makes the Kentucky experience so rich. For more on Kentucky's cultural heritage, visit the Kentucky Multicultural Tourism Guide.

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First Farm Inn

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While Boone county hosts the 1830s-vintage Rabbit Hash General Store and Dinsmore Homestead, there are lots of historical sites nearby. In Covington, the Behringer/Crawford Museum Just across the river in Cincinnati are: the Taft Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, The Freedom Center or underground railroad museum , the Fire Museum, and more. Do not miss the Center for Holocaust and Humanity, a phenomenally uplifting experience seeing mementos and hearing stories of the holocaust by Cincinnatians.

Cincinnati (Petersburg), Kentucky

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