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The Appalachian Mountains are a vast system of North American mountains, mostly in the eastern United States, running from Newfoundland and Canada, 1500 miles south-westward to central Alabama in the United States. Chief sections in the system are the White Mountains, Green Mountains, Berkshire Hills, Catskill Mountains, Allegheny Plateau, Black Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge, and Cumberland Plateau. The foothills to the east are known as the Piedmont region. The Appalachian Mountains are rich in coal, and were heavily mined for the energy source in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Appalachia is a term used to refer to different regions associated with the mountain range. In the spring of 2005, Kentucky, along with 12 other member states of the Appalachian Regional Commission's Tourism Advisory Council, partnered with the National Geographic Society (National Geographic Traveler Magazine), to create “Discover Appalachia”, a geographic map and online experience designed to bring the beauty and intrigue of the Appalachian region to you. The printed map, with over 300 exciting Appalachian destinations, is available at no charge. Just call (800) 225-8747 or email a request to

We invite you to explore Kentucky's Appalachia, and discover what visitors to the region have come to know for many years; a sense of enjoyment and relaxation, unduplicated natural beauty, and a region abundant with crafters and artisans found nowhere else in the world. Come and discover Kentucky's Appalachia, and experience the true "Unbridled Spirit" of Kentucky!

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Berea (Paint Lick), Kentucky
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National Geographic Traveler calls us "Appalachia in a secluded setting". 300 acres, farmhouse, log cabin all add to the experience of a true Kentucky homestead. Handmade quilts, featherbeds and a lovely garden are treats for our guests.We are located near Lexington and Berea and close to the Red River Gorge and Renfro Valley Music Hall. Only 1 hour from major touist sights.

Berea (Irvine), Kentucky
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